$2,400 annual scholarship

Established with an endowment of $60,000 by the family of  VADM John D. Bulkeley, USN (Ret) to honor him and the ship that bears his name, USS Bulkeley (DDG-84). 

Candidates must be a dependent child or spouse of a USS Bulkeley crew member--past or present, officer or enlisted.


$2,400 annual scholarship

​Established with an endowment of $60,000 by the family of Billy Hurley III, professional golfer and USNA graduate, the scholarship honors the ships Billy Hurley III served on while active duty -  USS Chung-Hoon (DDG-93) and USS Gettysburg (CG-64).

​Candidate must be a dependent child or spouse of a USS Chung-Hoon or USS Gettysburg crew member - active duty, retired or honorably discharged; officer or enlisted.


With a minimum commitment of $60,000 (which will yield a $2,400 scholarship), establishing an endowed scholarship is the perfect way to ensure the continuous honor of a company, favorite command or loved one. Scholarship endowments may be made in one lump sum or amortized over 1-4 years. Disbursements from endowments cannot be made until a minimum of $60,000 has been endowed.  

Endowed scholarships provide the donor opportunities to:

  • establish the scholarship as a renewable or annual scholarship
  • require additional selection criteria is met during selection (for example-command dependent, officer dependent, enlisted dependent, STEM student)

Contact our Executive Director, Joy Eyrolles, to discuss establishing an endowed scholarship
to honor your loved one, favorite command or company.

Email: Joy.Eyrolles@anchorscholarship.com

Phone: 757-777-4724

Anchor Scholarship Foundation

Making College More Affordable for Surface Navy Families



$20,000 scholarship ($5,000/up to 4 years)

Established through the Anchor Scholarship Foundation, Raytheon funded a $125,000 endowment to support an ongoing program to provide a renewable scholarship to students pursuing a four-year degree in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) related field.

Candidates must be a dependent child (high school senior) of a U.S. Navy Surface Force service member - officer or enlisted; active duty, retired or honorably discharged.

The recipient will receive a $20,000 scholarship ($5000/year in pursuit of a 4 year degree) provided eligibility requirements are met each year (degree focus, sustained 3.0 GPA, etc.).