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 Anchor Scholarship Donors

(as of 6/30/2019)

Mr. and Mrs. Billy Hurley, III
Mr. and Mrs. John Griffing


ADM (Ret) Vern Clarke
Mr. Rodney Duckworth, Jr.

VADM (Ret) and Mrs. Daniel Holloway

Mrs. Joan Bulkeley Stade (in memory of VADM John D. Bulkeley) 

CAPT (Ret) and Mrs. Michael J. Turner


VADM and Mrs. Richard Brown

LCDR and Mrs. Roger Eyrolles

RADM (Ret) and Mrs. Kevin Quinn

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Stade (in honor of the USS Bulkeley DDG 84)

CAPT (Ret) and Mrs. Peter Bulkeley

VADM (Ret) and Mrs. Thomas Copeman

CAPT and Mrs. Christopher Engdahl

VADM (Ret) & Mrs. Terrance Etnyre

Mr. Michael Fierro

RADM (Ret) David Steindl


​CAPT (Ret) Thomas Fedyszyn
VADM (Ret) Henry C. Giffin, III

Mrs. Pamela Hunt

RADM and Mrs. James Kilby

VADM (Ret) William Landay

LtCol (Ret) Edward McCann

CAPT and Mrs. Daniel Sunvold

$199 and Below
Teri Basil-Flippen

Mr. Jerome Bazile

CAPT (Ret) and Mrs. Perry Bingham

Mrs. Lori Blaisdell
VADM (Ret) and Mrs. Edward Briggs

CAPT and Mrs. Sterling Dawley

Mrs. Frances R. Donovan (in memory of VADM Francis R. Donovan)

Ms. Patricia Edgar (in memory of John Henry)

RADM (Ret) and Mrs. John J. Ekelund

CAPT (Ret) David Frost

​Ms. Mary Fuller

CAPT and Mrs. Jon C. Grant

Mr. James Haley

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Heldreth

RADM (Ret) and Mrs. James Hinkle

LTJG and Mrs. Keegan Hoey

​VADM (Ret) and Mrs. Douglas J. Katz

ADM (Ret) and Mrs. Henry H. Mauz, Jr.

RADM (Ret) and Mrs. Thomas W. McNamara

Mr. and Mrs. Don Miller

CAPT (Ret) and Mrs. Alfred Nugent

VADM (Ret) and Mrs. John Nyquist

​CAPT and Mrs. Robert Oldani

Mr. Tim Schneider

RADM (Ret) and Mrs. John F. Sigler

Mr. A. Clayton Slawson (in memory of LT Alton Clayton Slawson, Jr.)

CAPT (Ret) and Mrs. Carl Weiscopf

CAPT (Ret) and Mrs. Channing Zucker

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