Anchor Scholarship Foundation

Making College More Affordable for Surface Navy Families

EAST COAST recipients who  were able to attend our Annual Scholarship Award Ceremony were presented with their Anchor scholarships.

WEST COAST recipients were welcomed into VADM Rowden's office for scholarship presentations. 


•55% - Dependents of active duty sailors
•45% - Dependents of retired or deceased sailors
•73% - Dependents of officers
•27% - Dependents of enlisted
•3.58 - Average high school GPA (weighted)
•3.63 - Average college GPA

​•2 - Spouse dependents

Students are selected on the basis of four equally weighted criteria:

  • Academic Proficiency
  • Character and All-around Ability
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Financial Need

Anchor Scholarship appoints an independent Selection Committee annually to review applications. References to a sponsor’s rate/rank and all personal information (applicant and sponsor) are redacted before applications are reviewed.