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Anchor Scholarship Foundation

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Investing in U.S. Surface Navy Families through Higher Education Scholarships!

​Back row left to right: Tom Hennessey, Dan Holloway, Mike Frick, Bill Landay,  Perry Bingham, Nevin Carr, Ward Wilson and Eric Jenkusky. Front row left to right: Mrs. Erin Brown, Maryellen Baldwin, Peter Bulkeley, VADM Richard Brown, Gina Buzby, Dave Steindl, and Joy Eyrolles.

Anchor Scholarship Foundation exists to make college more affordable for Surface Navy families. It’s an investment in deserving scholars and everything that they will bring to our communities, to this country and to the world.

In 1980, the SURFLANT Scholarship Foundation was chartered by the Commander, Naval Surface Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet Officer’s Wives Club to provide financial assistance to 

qualified dependents of current and former members of the Naval Surface Forces, Atlantic.

Through increased donations over the years, the support of Fleet personnel, and  successful fundraising efforts and events, the Foundation has grown from four $500 scholarships awarded in 1981 to 34 scholarships totaling over $106,000 this past year. With its growth and success, the time had come to expand the Foundation to include the Naval Surface Forces, Pacific, which did not have a similar scholarship program.  

On July 1, 2004 the SURFLANT Scholarship Foundation was rechartered to encompass 

both commands and provide scholarship opportunities for all Naval Surface Force 

dependents. And so it became the Anchor Scholarship Foundation.

​With Directors in Hampton Roads, DC Region, Rhode Island, Boston, New York City, Ohio, Hawaii, and San Diego, we are engaged in and advocating for our Surface Navy community across the country.

 Anchor Scholarship Foundation Serves the Surface Navy Community




CAPT Peter Bulkeley, USN(Ret)~Chairman

CDR Ward Wilson, USN(Ret)~Vice Chairman

Ms. Maryellen Baldwin~Secretary

FORCM(SW) James Monroe, USN(Ret)~Treasurer


Mrs. Gina Buzby

RADM Nevin Carr, USN(Ret)

Mr. Jacob Chang

RDML Michael Frick, USN(Ret)

​RADM Pete Gumataotao, USN (Ret)

CAPT Tom Hennessey, USN (Ret)

VADM Daniel Holloway, USN(Ret)

Mr. Eric Jenkusky

VADM William Landay III, USN(Ret)

RDML David Steindl, USN(Ret)


CAPT Cecil Bradley, USN (Ret)

​​VADM Terrance Etnyre, USN (Ret)

VADM Henry Giffin III, USN(Ret)

VADM Alexander Krekich, USN(Ret)


Mrs. Susan Cooper

​Mrs. Christine Grady

Mrs. Sharon Kitchener


Joy A. Eyrolles