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Anchor Scholarship Foundation

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Investing in U.S. Surface Navy Families through Higher Education Scholarships!



October 2020
Online Scholarship Application Open!

March 1, 2021 - Eligibility (part 1) closes

April 1, 2021 - Application (part 2) closes

2021 Events

March 13, 2021
"Virtual" Anchors & Lore

Your Computer - Anywhere!

6:30pm (EST), 3:30pm (PST) 

​​ASF Golf Tournament, EAST

Norfolk, VA 

Sewells Point Golf Course

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Sponsor a scholarship (every donation of $2500 or more merits a named scholarship on behalf of the sponsor) or sponsor an event.  We have several events during the year with varied sponsorship levels.

Attend our events!  Almost 25% of our total funds raised in 2018 came from our events.  We have a nice assortment of events; pick one (or two!) to attend— 5Ks, golf tournaments, pub trivia.  These are great opportunities for camaraderie with your Surface Navy community.

Volunteer your time and energy.  It truly takes a village to plan/execute the events, manage the admin in the office and advocate for ASF.

Expand our reach.  Help us spread the word about ASF to all of our Surface Navy families!  We are off to a great start and want to keep the momentum going.  Forward our emails, share scholarship information with your friends, families and shipmates.

Some of our long-term sponsors, coping with economic change, have reduced their contributions.  The Foundation remains fiscally sound and is adapting to the environment.  We’re reaching out to new sponsors, new “markets” and fundraising opportunities, but we need your help.

Contributions to the Foundation are encouraged and necessary to continue our mission. Funding challenges are abundant. Your support, your willingness to volunteer to assist in fundraising, is welcomed and valued.

College debt has far reaching implications for the country as a whole.  The work we do here at Anchor Scholarship fits the adage- “think globally, act locally”.  We have to start somewhere and starting in our community makes sense.  We may not be able to SAVE the world, but we will continue our efforts to SAVE our Surface Navy families from college debt!

We have some ideas brewing for new events, but need help. 

Contact our office (757) 777-4724 or if you would like to help us!